Microsoft Tech News & Product Updates: 8/17/2020

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend.

Product News, Tech Posts & Announcements from last week

Azure Infrastructure
Azure Security Best PracticesTips & Tricks
How to optimize your Azure workload costsAzure
Enterprise-Scale for Azure landing zonesTech Community
Business Applications
How Microsoft’s Helpdesk is propelling the company forward during remote workingIT Showcase
Bringing Mixed Reality to Power Apps with Alex TranMSDN
Security best practices for Windows Server Update Services (WSUS)Tech Community
Prioritize investments in tools to accelerate Windows deploymentTech Community
App Dev
The Developer’s Guide to AzureAzure
A Closer Look at Data Platform Capabilities in Project OakdalePower Apps
SQL on-demand in Azure Synapse AnalyticsJames Serra
How Azure App Configuration helps developers roll out new featuresMSDN
Microsoft 365
Six tips to make the most of Microsoft To Do on WindowsTech Community
Microsoft’s enterprise network design for the cloud eraYouTube
Getting started with Teams complianceTech Community
Built-in vulnerability assessment for VMs in Azure Security CenterTech Community
Do you have a false sense of cloud security?Security
ManufacturingIndustry Blog
Microsoft tests hydrogen fuel cells for backup power at datacentersMicrosoft News
The Shift That Will Accelerate Smart Manufacturing JobsMBT Mag
Build safer, securer workplaces with IoT during the pandemicMSDN

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Have a great week!

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