Microsoft Tech News & Product Updates: 8/31/2020

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend. Please find below an overview of last weeks product news, post and announcements. 

Product News, Tech Posts & Announcements from last week

Azure Infrastructure
Enterprise-Scale and Azure Policy for policy-driven governanceTech Community
Business Applications
Empowering remote learning with Azure Cognitive ServicesAzure
How Azure Synapse Analytics can help you respond, adapt, and saveAzure
Yammer community helps Microsoft employees navigate tumultuous immigration climateIT Showcase
Network optimization tips for on-premises Office installs and updatesTech Community
Microsoft Edge Browser; Security & Compatibility UpdateMechanics
App Dev
Database Assessments within Azure MigrateTech Community
What is Azure SQL Edge | Data ExposedTech Community
How to migrate web apps to Azure App ServiceMechanics
Choose Your Own Adventure With Power PlatformChannel 9
Microsoft 365
Agile IT management of your SharePoint-powered intelligent intranetSharePoint
Migrate your content into Microsoft 365SharePoint
Organize your content your way with Project MocaOutlook
what’s new to Microsoft 365 August 2020Microsoft 365
transcription and voice commands in WordWord (web)
Building knowledge management in TeamsTeams
Automation in Cloud App SecurityTech Community
Security baseline for Microsoft Edge version 85Tech Community
Rethinking IoT/OT Security to Mitigate CyberthreatsSecurity
Microsoft Zero Trust deployment guide for your applicationsSecurity
Stopping Active Directory attacks and other post-exploitation behavior with AMSI and machine learningSecurity
How can Microsoft Threat Protection help reduce the risk from phishing?Security
How do I implement a Zero Trust security model for my Microsoft remote workforce?Security
ManufacturingManufacturing Blog
Prepare and certify your devices for IoT Plug and PlayAzure
Introducing a new series on Tech Community: Ask the IoT ExpertTech Community
Supply Chain and Logistics Management in Dynamics 365Mechanics
Insider Threats Increasing for ManufacturersMAPI
Cyber Security for Smart FactoriesDeloitte

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Have a great week!

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