Microsoft Tech News and Product Updates: 1/18/2021

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend. Please find below an overview of last weeks product news, post and announcements. 

Figure 1 New 85″ Surface Hub

Product News, Tech Posts & Announcements from last week

Azure Infrastructure
How to use Azure Cost Management views | Azure Portal SeriesYouTube
Optimize Operating Costs with Cloud Economics in AzureMechanics
Jamming to a new tune: Transforming Microsoft’s printing infrastructure with Universal PrintIT Showcase
Ten things you can implement to save costs in your Azure environmentChannel 9
Business Applications
What’s New in Microsoft Forms | January 2021Forms
Push tasks from corporate to frontline workers with task publishing in TeamsTeams
Manufacturers who sell direct with omnichannel retail gain powerful customer insightsChannel 9
Inside look at the new Surface Hub 2S 85Surface
Scan changes and certificates add security for Windows devices using WSUS for updatesWindows
Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ with LTE Advanced | First Look at DesigMechanics
App Dev
Data Validation at Scale with Azure SynapseSynapse
Intro into security principles in the context of database systemsDBA
Principle of Least Privilege (POLP)DBA
Inspecting application metrics with dotnet-monitorChannel 9
Microsoft 365
Gain more flexibility with 250 GB file size support in Microsoft 365OneDrive
8 new productivity hacks for frontline workers, managers, and ITTeams
Approvals in Microsoft Teams, Now Generally AvailableTeams
Getting to Microsoft Teams from Skype for Business Server and hybrid configurationsTeams
Microsoft Teams for frontline workers. 2021 UpdatesMechanics
FastTrack now assists with more threat protection capabilitiesSecurity
Azure Active Directory empowers frontline workers with simplified and secure accessSecurity
Access Reviews for guests in all Teams and Microsoft 365 Groups is now in public previewAAD
Making renewing certificates easier at Microsoft with Microsoft AzureIT Showcase
Netlogon Domain Controller Enforcement Mode is enabled by default beginning with the February 9, 2021 Security Update, related to CVE-2020-1472Security
Microsoft Teams DLP Playbook!!!DLP
Increasing resilience against Solorigate and other sophisticated attacks with Microsoft DefenderDefender
ManufacturingManufacturing Blog
Recognized for Doing Right: Evolving ESG at CabotMAPI
Sometimes You Just Have To Go Fishing Says Manufacturing ExecutivesNIST
Supply Chain AI: Getting the Most Bang for Your BuckNED
Robots Ready to Grow in 2021Industry Week

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