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Power Apps 4 All

Boards | Season 1 Episode 1 is scheduled for October 20th at 9 EST Register Here

My home office before Boards!

I’m a huge proponent of citizen development using low code tools. I was first introduced to low code development back in the 1980s. Thats when hair bands roamed the earth (search for Poison, Whitesnake, Ratt & Bon Jovi).  I was a financial analyst and so tired of the mundane gathering of information from many line of business systems and typing the data into a spreadsheet.  I was able to convince by manager to buy a copy of Clarion Software for $495.  With Clarion you built a data model and it did the rest creating an exe with lists, forms and reports.  I suddenly became very popular, sitting with my business peers building apps to automate their processes. Often they would leave my office after a couple hour meeting with a working program on a floppy disk.  Together we built many systems of all kinds, accounting, inventory even a CRM. The inventory planning system ran for over 10 years. Not bad for a $500 investment! 

Today our tooling is so much more sophisticated allowing the citizen developer endless creativity while providing centralized  governance and security.  Our goal with Power Apps 4 All is to enable anyone to automate the processes that make them more efficient i.e. “to achieve more”.  In each session we’ll focus on a use case and provide insight on how it can be enabled with Power Apps.  The sessions will be scheduled for 60 minutes the first 30 will cover the topic and be recorded.  The second half will be open for “ Ask Us Anything” formerly called “Stump the Chump”.  This section will not be recorded.

In our 1st session our topic will be “Boards” a sample app you can download and deploy in Teams.  The app allows you to organize information by topic.  Why did we pick this app?  We are all inundated with information.  Finding what we need can be difficult.  Boards gives you a way to organize information your way , giving you access to information quickly and easily.  A McKinsey report estimates we spend about 1.8 hours every day searching and gathering information.  If we could start by just reducing that by 10 minutes a day, that 50 minutes a week or 1.74 days a year. If a company has 1,000 employees that’s 1,740 days of gained productivity.  Not a bad ROI!

For more information on the Boards template please see these links.

Sample low code apps for Teams – Boards – YouTube

GitHub – OfficeDev/microsoft-teams-apps-boards: Boards is OOB Power App in Teams

Boards sample app (preview) – Power Apps | Microsoft Docs

Looking forward to seeing you on the 20th.

Microsoft Tech News and Product Updates: 11/2/2020

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend. Please find below an overview of last weeks product news, post and announcements. 

Looking to drive adoption and create a better user experience?  Pin a commonly used app to Teams.  In the example pictured above I’ve pinned our intranet “MSW” to the rail (left side control bar). Now I don’t need to leave teams to access company news and information.

Product News, Tech Posts & Announcements from last week

Azure Infrastructure
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Azure Cost Management and Billing updates – October 2020Azure
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Business Applications
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App Dev
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Understanding Azure Arc Enabled SQL ServerChannel 9
Policy as Code with Terraform and SentinelChannel 9
Microsoft 365
SharePoint Roadmap Pitstop: October 2020SharePoint
What’s New in Microsoft Teams | October 2020Teams
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Connect to your own data with more new data types in ExcelExcel
Microsoft Productivity Score and personalized experiences—here’s what’s new to Microsoft 365 in OctoberMicrosoft 365
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A practical guide for managing sharing with OneDriveOneDrive
Announcing Multi-Geo coverage in Germany and NorwayMicrosoft 365
Announcing the Investigation Insights WorkbookSecurity
Unilever CISO on balancing business risks with cybersecuritySecurity
Back to the future: What the Jericho Forum taught us about modern securitySecurity
Advanced Incident Management for Office and Endpoint DLP using Azure SentinelSecurity
Connect your Favorite Apps to Microsoft Cloud App SecuritySecurity
ManufacturingManufacturing Blog
Microsoft named a Leader in the Gartner 2020 Magic Quadrant for Industrial IoT PlatformsIIoT
The Future of Connected DevicesNIST
Automating for a Touchless Supply ChainMBT

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